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This website is dedicated to finding ways for businesses to have the right to serve the clientele they desire.  If a business wants to have children that should be their choice.  If a business does not want to have children that also should be their choice.  The key phrase here is “Freedom of Choice”.  Businesses should have the freedom to choose.  Customers should have the freedom to choose to do business with a restaurant, bar, theater or any other place that will provide a Child-Free environment.

It should first be said that I, Vern Southern, do not hate children.  If married or single people want to have children it is just fine with me.  Children are not the problem, the website name is NoChildrenPlease.com, perhaps it should be called NoBadParentsPlease.com.  My issue has never been with the children.  They don’t know any better, they’re children.  The issue is parents bringing children into every walk of life that I object to.

A small number of parents are demanding all local businesses provide them with changing tables in bathrooms.  The truth is, not all businesses should be child friendly.  Demanding that businesses cater to the needs of parents will take freedom away from the businesses.  Not all businesses want children disturbing their customers.

Some businesses are entirely inappropriate for children.  Casinos, Taverns, Bars, Liquor Stores, Tattoo Parlors, Smoke Shops, etc.  In my opinion these businesses should be required or allowed to have a ‘Child Free Zone’ notice on the front door.

To take my point one step further I make the following proposal.  Adults should demand a small number of places be reserved just for them.  ‘Child Free Zones’.  I believe Bars, Casinos and Coffee Houses should be reserved for adults only.

Anyone who wishes to can post a comment on this website as long as it furthers this cause.  All comments are reviewed by me before they are posted on this site.  We need ‘Child Free Zones’ to keep everyone’s freedoms intact.  Without this I believe the entire country will become ‘G’ rated and I, along with millions of other child free adults will lose the right to enjoy life without being disturbed by other peoples children.

If you do not agree with this rational, modern, and well-informed outlook, please go elsewhere.  This is not a discussion about whether people should or should not be child free.  Our members all agree that this is the best lifestyle for us and other opinions are not welcome.

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