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No Children Please, Should there be a law?

The special day comes.  It’s your tenth wedding anniversary, your wife’s birthday or some other important event.  You make reservations at a great restaurant, get your hair cut, get the car washed, pickup your best clothes from the cleaners, stop by the bank so you will have lots of cash.  You go home and get ready, the best of everything.

You get to the restaurant and are seated at a great table.  Over cocktails you order your favorite meal.  That’s when “IT” happens.  A family of five are seated at the table next to yours.  Mom, dad, brother, sister and baby.  Brother and sister start fighting, mom and dad start yelling at the kids, the baby starts crying.  Another ruined meal caused by allowing children in a place where people are just trying to enjoy a nice meal in a nice environment.  So you have the waiter bring the “TO GO” boxes and you finish your meal in your home.

Enough!  I understand that parents have rights.  However, We Child-Free have rights also.  If we are going to go out and spend two hundred dollars on drinks and dinner we have a right to enjoy our evening in peace, not in pieces.  What makes it even worse is the parents don’t seem to care that their children are causing a problem.  In fact they seem to feel it’s their right to allow their children do anything they please with no regard for anyone.

Some businesses are entirely inappropriate for children.  Casinos, Taverns, Bars, Liquor Stores, Tattoo Parlors, Smoke Shops, etc. In my opinion these businesses should be allowed or required to have a “Child Free Zone” notice on the front door.

My wife and I live in Denver Colorado.  By choice we have no children.  We are fine with people who want to have children.  If that’s what you want, it’s just fine with us.  What we have a problem with is when people insist on inflicting their children on us.  It seems like this problem gets worse every year.  Children are now going into places they never were before.  People are bringing their babies into bars.  Employees are bringing their kids to work.  Children are moving in to every place.

The end result of this is we Child-Free don’t go out to public places as often, if at all.  We the people with the most disposable income are not spending our money.  Families who live on a tight budget are going in and buying the cheapest meal on the menu and running off the Child-Free customers.

This website is dedicated to finding ways for businesses to have the right to serve the clientele they desire.  If a business wants to have children that should be their choice.  If a business does not want to have children that also should be their choice. The key word here is “Freedom”.  Businesses should have the freedom to choose.  Customers should have the freedom to choose to do business with a restaurant, bar, theater or any other place that will provide a Child-Free environment.

If you agree with this rational, modern, and well-informed outlook, please feel free to join in on the discussion.

Vern Southern

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