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The Biggest Money Saver: Don’t Have Kids

Woman can’t ‘have it all,’ so all women should decide whether or not to have their own kids. People constantly ask the child-free why they don’t they want kids, but no one seems to ask parents why they actually chose to have them.

Some people probably consider it crass, weighing out the pros and cons of being a parent. On a savings website, for instance, someone asked if they will save a lot of money by not having kids, and a responder said, ‘My daughter has cost me a lot of money and will cost me more in the future. But she has enriched my life in so many ways that in my mind completely offset the monetary costs.

Now on this board this might seem blasphemous, but money is just money and won’t bring me the happiness that my daughter brings to my life. Money isn’t going to buy you happiness. You need to decide what you want out of life and how to get there in my opinion.

Having your child is definitely a valuable experience, but it’s not true that money can’t buy you happiness.

No one item for sale can give a person happiness. But being financially able to go to school, travel, live in a safe neighborhood, and eat healthy foods all contribute to a person’s happiness. Simply living in a more spacious (expensive) neighborhood relieves stress. Many people don’t feel safe going out for a run in their own neighborhood. Higher education is also a luxury. If you can’t afford decent education, how can you sufficiently bring another person into this world’

One child born in 2009 will cost $222,360. Child-free women won’t have to set aside a quarter of a million for a baby. But women who choose motherhood and employment will most likely have little choice but to stay home most of the time. Married women with children are more likely than child-free married women to work only part-time and take on most house chores. Female employment rates, employment prestige, and educational attainment share a significant negative correlation with the number of children born. Child-free wives earned an average of 20% more than their married counterparts in 1986.

Now you see, having a child is truly a sacrifice. You can love your child, but just loving is not enough. If you want a child, you need the resources to properly raise one. In the meantime, child-free people may be spending their money on themselves, saving it in the bank, donating it to charity, or doing whatever they like with it. Perhaps their choice on how to use their cash isn’t as noble as raising a baby, but it’s uplifting knowing you’re not the financial backbone of another human being.

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